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Singles' Claims

Welcome to Singles' Claims! This is the place where, once a week, you can claim cards out of a pile to help with all of your trading and collecting needs! Just make sure to read the guidelines first. Have fun claiming!

+You can only claim 4 cards from the pile each week! They can be all from single decks or 1 from a special deck and 3 from single decks. This can change in the future if the pile gets too big, or depending on member size so make sure to pay attention!

+When claiming your cards, make sure to list them in alphabetical and type order! If you take more than 1 card from the same deck, list them in numerical order as well. This makes it easier for the mods to update the post and to give you your cards!

+First come, first serve! Please check the unreplied comments to see if other players have already claimed the card you were looking for. We can't help it if the card was taken first.

+Please try to be patient while you wait for a mod to give you your cards. If you need these cards for a mastery, you can still turn in your mastery with the pending cards for this service.

+You don't have to claim your 4 cards in the same comment, but if you're separating them it would be more helpful for the mod if you number the comments as 1-2 and 3-4, etc.

+If you divide your claim in two comments, you can claim again 7 days after the first comment! If you just post it in one comment, the rule is still the same! You need to wait exactly 7 days between comments until you're able to claim again.

Card Pile:

Without further ado, all cards that are eligible for claiming can be found here. Have fun!
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amita02, panda05, panda09, redheads11, redheads16
please and thank you~ <3

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