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Word Search 29

Welcome to Word Search! In this game all you have to do is find the ten hidden words in the puzzle.

It seems like I got my weeks mixed up, but this round will go for two weeks, and the next one wil be posted on time. Sorry about that
You can post your answer either in any way you prefer, as long as I can see you found all the words it will be accepted.

Finding 1-5 words will get 1 random card.
Finding 6-9 words will get you 2 random cards.
Finding all 10 words will get you 3 random cards.

This round will finish June 18th Closed!
Last round's answer
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oh in olba meiya apparently i did not brush over the 'a' in meiya
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I hope this is okay! I know it says the round finishes June 18, but I saw from this week's round that this one is still open, so... if it's not, then just ignore this, haha!

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My answer: here!
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