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Level Ups

At Pairings, all members start up at level 01 when they join, but when you have collected enough cards, you're free to level up! You can claim your level up rewards here, just hit the cut for more info.


From Level 01 to Level 10, you need +100 cards to level up. After reaching level 11, your card number must increase by 200 before you can apply for a new level.

Level 01 000 - 100 Cards
Level 02 101 - 200 Cards
Level 03 201 - 300 Cards
Level 04 301 - 400 Cards
Level 05 401 - 500 Cards
Level 06 501 - 600 Cards
Level 07 601 - 700 Cards
Level 08 701 - 800 Cards
Level 09 801 - 900 Cards
Level 10 901 - 1000 Cards

Level +11: Every +200 cards!
Level +21: Every +500 cards!


For every level you get 2 single choice cards, 3 random cards and 1 random potion!
After reaching Level +11, you get +2 random cards in addition to your rewards. Choice cards can by any type after level +11, too. Rewards won't change after level +21.

Ready to level up? Make sure the card count on your card post is already updated. Please put the card count in a visible place so the mod in charge can easily confirm it.
NEW RULE: Having your logs in comments is not acceptable! Having them in comments would be considered a violation of the rules.

Fill out the following form as many times as needed in one comment if you're leveling up more than once!

Congratulations on leveling up!

sujini: (ichiruki)

[personal profile] sujini 2013-08-08 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: sujini
Card Post & Logs: click! (logs at the bottom)

Current Level: 1
New Level: 2
Choice Cards: fullmetal09, fullmetal10

Current Level: 2
New Level: 3
Choice Cards: battousai07, battousai10

Current Level: 3
New Level: 4
Choice Cards: flame01, flame02

(I only hope I'm doing this right...)
omokage: (3AM)

[personal profile] omokage 2013-08-10 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Congratulations on your level ups!

Level Ups: outside04, mechanics08, fork04, fullmetal09, fullmetal10, orangepotion
Level Ups: unrequited08, violent08, bunny04, battousai07, battousai10, greenpotion
Level Ups: carpenter06, impostors02, reuben05, flame01, flame02, orangepotion