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Classified Ads 66

In the personal ads business, you meet all kinds of people. Today we're looking for some sort of princess?!
She's a 16 years old high school student with long pink hair and reddish eyes. She mostly wears a high school uniform consisting of a red skirt, a white shirt a dark-colored jacket and a red tie. She wears a rose choker which she can't take off and she's told off by her teachers constantly for it. She has the power to summon and control 4 knights associated with different colors. Her hobby is reading comics and fashion magazines.

I hope this is enough information! If you've seen this girl anywhere, you need to tell me: her name and the series she's from! As reward you'll get 2 random cards for the tip!

For this game comments are screened and you are able to comment just once, so make sure you have the right answer! You have until August 3rd to reply! This round is CLOSED!

Last round's answer: Sanada Akihiko from Persona 3