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Matchmaker 64

Welcome to Matchmaker! The rules of the game are simple. There will be five cards presented below, and all you have to do is match your cards with them and you win a prize.

+ There are a total of 5 cards.
+ The card must match the one in the post exactly. (i.e. tonfas01 = tonfas01, tonfas01 =/= tonfas03)
+ When commenting, please include a link to the exact card post where the card is present and state which cards here match the ones you own.
+ Cards can be from any part of the post (mastered, collecting, etc.) so long as you can prove that you have it.
+ The card should be present in your post. If you state that you own it but I can't find it anywhere in the post you link, it will not be counted.
+ Please use the form below when commenting to make it easier to check.
+ You can comment up to 5 times. Each matching card would be added to the previous one rather than a completely new set. (i.e. First comment contains two matching cards, which is worth three random cards. If you post the remaining three cards before the round ends, you get the last three random cards to complete all five matches.)
+ You can only match each card once. Having doubles of the same card will not be counted.

1 matching card = 2 random cards
2 matching cards = 3 random cards
3 matching cards = 4 random cards
4 matching cards = 5 random cards
5 matching cards = 6 random cards

This round ends on August 03 This round is CLOSED