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Reactions 16 - Special!

Pretend this went up yesterday and welcome to a special round of Reactions! The rules are pretty simple. I will post a picture and you have to respond with a gif that you think makes a good reaction to it. The only caveat is that the gif has to be from anime and the like. Other kinds of gifs with anime characters transposed over them like this are acceptable. You can get two random cards for participating in this game, and an extra card if your gif is chosen as the grand prize winner! But since this also a special round, if you reply with a gif that fits the theme you'll receive one more card! The theme for this round is SURPRISE/SHOCK!

This month we're traveling to a dangerous yet exciting city! It seems for some reason large monsters attack it often, but luckily there are special giant robotic units in place to fight them and to ensure peace is kept. I'm really excited to see what this place looks like, what about you guys?

O-Oh. Um. Did we miss something here?

This round ends on September 6, 2013. Good luck and have fun!