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Discussion 34

Welcome to another discussion round! It is a pretty straightforward game where I give you a question that you'll answer in a new comment for two random cards. Since this is a discussion, don't be shy! Feel free to comment on other player's threads too~

This week's discussion is...

"What sort of things do you enjoy in a story? What are some of your favorite examples of series/games/books with these things? Maybe other people are into the same things, so this could be a good chance to learn about and try out new canons! Just please try to be mindful of potential spoilers."
(Example: I love stories that are mostly character-driven, and which sometimes consist of several different stories taking place at the same time and intertwining. I also love things like time-travel, world resets, and supernatural/mystery stuff in general! Some of my favorite canons that incorporate these elements are: Kara no Kyoukai, the When They Cry series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Pandora Hearts, etc!)

Have fun everybody! You've got until August 25, 2013 to comment!
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my interests are usually so wide and I'm always liking something new... so I don't think I have a fixed formula for my fav stories :x

I love everything about fullmetal alchemist - lovable characters, strong plot and storyline, how everything falls in line and not because the mangaka is trying to link things for the sake of linking it, how the whole series eventually unfolds (although the hardest part was WAITING FOR THE CHAPTER TO BE RELEASED), awesome characters killed off (to actually make it real and not oh-its-a-story-lets-make-everyone-live). I just love EVERYTHING about FMA. especially the part about introducing a new character that plays important roles in the story and not for the sake of a new character.

I like rurouni kenshin because it's about SAMURAIS and I totally hearts the samurai ways and culture ;p

I love tsubasa because I really love sakura and syaoran and I just get that pang whenever syaoran does everything for sakura even though she doesn't know who he is to her </3 then again, also with the unveiling of the whole storyline (whu-whaaat?) death note was very intense and interesting because it was so intellectual and it was like playing the psychological game and guessing game and see who caves in first. same goes for the lying game :D