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Simon Says 74

Everyone gather around! This is Simon Says, and what Simon Says must be done. It's simple really. Simon says something-you go and do it.

For bringing Simon what he wants, you will lose the card(s) (he donates them to the poor, over in the Singles' Claims) but you will be paid compensation for it! You will receive 2 random cards in return for bringing him his desired cards!

(A friendly reminder to PLEASE list out the card name when you donate, just in case images get messed up, thanks!)

(Another quick note; Cupid is open for more donations so feel free to submit another card.  *You may donate once a week, donation limits reset on Fridays, when the new round of Simon Says is posted*)

This week, Simon wants to play shiratori!  (For those not familiar with the game, here's how it's played.  Simon will start the game with a card in the next post.  You need to post a card that starts with the end letter of the previous card donation.  So, for example, if Simon posts autozam07, the next poster needs to donate a card starting with 'm'.  If we end up with a letter that we don't have a card for, please use the next letter in the alphabet to help the game continue on.)

Stealth not-edit: Please BOLD the last letter in your donated card and list out the card name as well as the normal image link to help with the gameplay!

Since this is a bit of a trial run, we'll see how this round goes!

This round ends: CLOSED
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