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Benefits is a service that provides players with special privileges after they have completed a number of tasks around the TCG. Each player has three available benefit slots: this means everyone can claim up to 3 privileges from a list of 15 privileges that are divided in 3 categories. You can find the full list of privileges available and the tasks for each of them here


+PLAYERS HAVE TO APPLY FOR THE BENEFIT BEFORE TASKS START COUNTING. Yes, I know all caps doesn't look very good, but I want to this be clear for everyone. If you have claimed masteries, trading achievements and have donated decks or graphics before applying for the benefit, these won't count towards your tasks. However, if you have applied for the benefit and turn in your masteries, achievements and donations before the mod in charge confirms your application, these DO count.

+You can apply for only 1 benefit in each category! It doesn't matter if you start with a benefit from the 1st category or 3rd, but you can only get 1 of each category.

+You can only work for 1 benefit at a time! This means that you have to complete the one you have claimed before applying for your second and third. If you complete all your tasks, turn them in and are waiting for confirmation from the mod, you can apply again for the next gone.

+If by chance you change your mind about the benefit you want, you're allowed to change it! Since the tasks completion is turned in when you have finished ALL of the tasks, you just have to notify the mod in charge that you want to change the privilege and they will take note of that. However, you're only allowed to change your benefit for another in the same category. If you want to change it for a different benefit in a different category, you will have to start the tasks again.

+For each benefit you get, you will be given a badge that you will use to enjoy your privilege! The badge is not personalized, it has a fixed image related to the benefit, but the badge will have your name to prove you earned it. You need to keep it in your post and include it in your comments when applicable for services and/or other posts.

+The badges are not tradeable or transferable! If you quit, you can't gift them to another player. Additionally, the privileges are all permanent unless the player drops the privilege or quits.

+If you want to get a new privilege after filling your 3 slots, you will have to drop one of your current privileges to get the new one! The privilege you claim MUST be from the same category as the privilege you dropped and you will have to complete all tasks again for the new privilege.

NEW RULE: Having your logs in comments is not acceptable! Having them in comments would be considered a violation of the rules.


+When the tasks ask you to complete a certain number of trades, remember they're not stackable. This means you will start from 0 trades with each new benefit.

+Trade count will be verified through trading achievement comments. This means that you must turn in your trades in the trading achivement service before considering the task completed for the benefit.

+When the tasks ask you to participate in a certain number of game rounds, remember they're not stackable. This means you will start from 0 game rounds with each new benefit. Additionally, since the mod will be checking the game rounds in your logs, only game rounds where you received prizes will count for the task! Game rounds from events count as long as you receive prizes!

+When the task requires you to master a number of decks, note that these are double decks as you can't turn in single decks masteries. If you turn in a double deck of the same character, it will count for the task, though.

Ready to apply for your benefit? Please fill the following form in a comment

Ready to claim your badge? Please fill this form instead and reply to the confirmation comment the mod in charge left for you!

Do you have any questions or doubts about the privileges/tasks? Please head over to the questions thread!
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Name: sujini
Card Post:
# of Benefit: #3
Which Privilege?: +2 single release slots
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Your application has been confirmed! Here is your list of tasks:
→Master 5 decks
→Complete 225 trades (These need to be turned in at the trading achievement to count!)
→Participate in 30 game rounds
→Max out deck donations for 2 month
→Master 1 deck from the same release [This means 2 single decks from the same release. Additionally, this is included in the 5 deck count you're supposed to master]

When you have finished all the tasks, please reply to this comment with the second form posted in this entry!
If you change your mind about your privilege, please let me know as soon as possible!