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Games Festival 12

★Gentle Reminder★
Please read the rules! DO NOT edit/delete your comment! If you have made a mistake, just reply to your original comment. Thank you! (:

Welcome to Games Festival! Here you will be able to enjoy playing mini-games at the Pairings site and you'll win prizes on the spot!

Here are a list of the games we have available! Please click on the game's name if you wish to play:
Guess the Number
Tic Tac Toe
Spin the Wheel

Players are allowed to play ALL of the games! You can play only once per round, though. New rounds will be posted every two weeks.
Don't refresh the pages with the rewards, that is considered cheating!
Please leave a comment in this entry listing everything you have won. Do not edit your comments, just reply to your comment if you made a mistake.

This round ends on October 6th! If you have any questions, please PM me since I'm not following the entry's comments. CLOSED!