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Discussion 37

Welcome to another discussion round! It is a pretty straightforward game where I give you a question that you'll answer in a new comment for two random cards. Since this is a discussion, don't be shy! Feel free to comment on other player's threads too~

This week's discussion is...

"What's the series that got you into animanga (or video games, if you prefer)? Maybe it was your very first one and you had no idea what you were getting into, or maybe you'd tried several before and this was The One for you. Feel free to share stories!"
(Example: My very first anime shows were... Candy Candy and Heidi :'D but I was tiny and had no idea that they even counted as such and also OH MY GOD THESE ANIMATED MELODRAMAS, WHAT?? But the show that definitely did me in and served as a gateway for everything else was Sailor Moon [which now is getting a remake and these new myus and /// yesss, itp Floor dates herself.])

Have fun everybody! You've got until October 6, 2013 to comment!
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I think I remember watching akazukin chacha when I was younger. like most kids I probably had no idea there was a difference between anime and cartoons since anime was dubbed in english. and, honestly, I don't even remember what akazukin is about, really.

I LOVED RUROUNI KENSHIN. but it was called samurai x (wth). and there was cardcaptor sakura as well. I never watched sailor moon. but it was a girl phase back then and I remember collecting the cards/stickers and all that... and I'm STILL not a fan nor have I watched any SM eps o_O

when everyone was into pokemon, I wasn't because my mom didn't allow it and I wasn't very interested. I remember I kept thinking, wait, what is pikachu and what is pokemon?? it was a little while later I got into the gameboy game and adore playing the yellow version. I actually recently (well, a few months ago) got myself a yellow cartridge and a refurbished gameboy JUST TO PLAY MY YELLOW VERSIONNNNNN (and the only reason why I'm not actually playing right now is because I want to find my walkthrough/guidebook :x)