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Now that you have collected the 20 cards of 2 Single decks together as a pairing or have collected the 20 cards in a Special deck, then it's time to make it official and claim your mastery in this post to receive rewards for your hard work and a pretty badge that will prove you as the master of your pairing deck! Of course, although you are allowed to move your mastered decks from your main card post to another place, you will not be able to trade any of the cards you're claiming a mastery for.

+To claim a mastery you must have collected either 2 single decks or a special deck.

+You can collect the same single deck double as a pair and claim a mastery for it, for example: bunny/bunny or leader/leader, but the image you choose for your mastery badge must depict the character twice. Exceptions are mascot characters as they can only be collected with a human partner.

+If you plan to collect several pairings that include 1 single deck more than once, for example: ice/armor and fire/armor, you will have to collect the single deck you're repeating again. In the case of this example the armor single deck.

+For the special deck mastery badge you don't need to provide an image. Each special deck has a premade badge that you can see in the deck page and only your name will be added to the badge.

+If possible, please upload your image to an image sharing site like Imageshack or Photobucket or your own server. Do not hot-link from sites that will not show the image. The only sites allowed to link to are Zerochan, Minitokyo or Animepaper.

+If you'd like a particular crop on your master badge, the dimensions are 116 pixels wide per 58 pixels tall. If you crop the picture yourself though, I will refrain from any further editing to the image unless you specifically ask for it.

+The order in which you list the deck names will be the order in which they will appear listed in the mastery. Notice also the the color border for the mastery badge will be the color of the deck you list first.

+We have different symbols to separate romantic pairings from non-romantic pairings! these symbols will be used in the master badge and "collecting" section in the members' list, so please use them when turning it your masteries and listing your next collecting deck: slash (/) will be used to mark romantic pairings and dash (-) will be used for non-romantic pairings.

+Your image's rating must be below PG-13. Images with gore or adult content such as full nudity and explict sex will not be accepted.

+Both fanart and official art are allowed as long as they are high quality images.

+Any number of players are allowed to master the same pairing (as in the same couple of 2 single decks). They can even provide the same picture for their mastery badge if they want, but we encourage you to use a new image if possible.

+A player can only turn in 10 masteries in each comment! If you want to turn in more than 10 masteries, please fill out the form in a new comment.

Now fill out either of the forms below (considering your needs) and start mastering decks!

NEW RULE: Having your logs in comments is not acceptable! Having them in comments would be considered a violation of the rules.



As for rewards you get 2 choice cards, 3 random cards, 1 random potion and your original mastery badge for each mastery. For special you will get 2 choice cards, 4 random cards and 1 random potion. The choice cards do not need to be from your next collecting decks, but they must be of the same type as the mastery you're turning in.

Before applying for your mastery take into consideration that master badges CANNOT BE REMADE. Also players are not allowed to edit their master bagdes in any way!

NEW: Now players who have quit and rejoined can remaster their old mini-mastery if they provide a link to their original mini-mastery comment and recolect the same cards they used then. This will make the mastery valid again and they will be able to claim the previous badge and some rewards.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask in the comments or message [personal profile] yokatta, the mod in charge.


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[personal profile] sujini 2013-09-13 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: sujini
Card Post & Logs: click!

Pairing Mastered: battousai/trusting
Mastery Badge Image: here!
Choice Cards: fullmetal01, fullmetal02

Pairing Mastered: flame-sniper
Mastery Badge Image: here!
Choice Cards: fullmetal04, fullmetal05

Pairing Mastered: nirvash-theend
Mastery Badge Image: here!
Choice Cards: fullmetal06, fullmetal08

Pairing Mastered: clown-hammer
Mastery Badge Image: here!
Choice Cards: armour02, mechanic01

Pairing Mastered: celestial-fire
Mastery Badge Image: here!
Choice Cards: starmagic01, starmagic02

Next Collecting: mechanic-armour
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[personal profile] yokatta 2013-09-16 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Congratulations on your masteries!

Masteries: battousai-trusting, northamerican09, counter09, anego05, fullmetal01, fullmetal02, redpotion
Masteries: flame-sniper, steward08, baking10, fourth01, fullmetal04, fullmetal05, greenpotion
Masteries: nirvash-theend, popular06, tenchou05, maddog08, fullmetal06, fullmetal08, redpotion
Masteries: clown-hammer, knowledge02, esper01, babylon03, armour02, mechanic01, bluepotion
Masteries: celestial-fire, goal09, space03, poison06, starmagic01, starmagic02, purplepotion