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Deck Donations

Since at Pairings TCG we are not certain of all the pairs you want to collect, we give the players the option to donate image packs that will be turned into single decks for the monthly release. If you have images of your favorite characters and would like them featured in a deck, feel free to donate those images in this post! Please remember to check the Upcoming list before donating in case the deck has already been donated.

LIMITS: currently we are accepting 2 single decks per player each month! This limit might be changed in the future depending on how many donations we get monthly.

+ There must be AT LEAST 15 good quality images in each donation, but we won't object to donations with 20+ pictures. Please make sure no image inside your folder is repeated. NOTE: We won't accept images smaller than 200x200 in the zips as it's hard to make cards out of such small images.
+ ONLY OFFICIAL IMAGES CAN BE USED. Any image from any official adaptation and even from official fanbooks is allowed. However, please refrain from donating images with graphic content (gore, nudity or porn.)
+ When submitting your deck, please provide non-cropped images from ONE specific character. If you include group shots, make sure the character you want the deck of is visible in those shots.
+ Try to keep your submissions as spoiler-free as possible, both for images and name suggestions.
+ The name for the deck shouldn't be too long, sames goes with the name explanation! For character names, please list the most commonly used in canon: if it's usually used in western for or is a western name, it should go in western order. If it's a japanese name, it should go by japanese order. (Examples would be 'Allen Walker' in contrast with 'Kanda Yuu') NOTE: Please make sure to check the decklist to ensure your deckname suggestion hasn't been used yet.
+ If you're planning to donate a character from a series that doesn't have decks in the TCG, it is mandatory that you donate at least two characters from this series.

-For Digimon:
+One Digimon per partner, this is pretty self-explanatory and logical, I think.
+The images should be of just one form, the Rookie form (Gatomon is an exception). For master badges, any form can be used.
+We will only accept partner-digimon collecting! digimon-digimon collecting won't be allowed. This will be extended to all mascot decks, but if you want to discuss it, feel free to approach me about it!

-For Pokemon:
+One Pokemon per trainer ONLY! This can be any of the most prominent Pokemon trainers have in the series (I've noticed that in the anime trainers usually have two prominent.) This is first come, first serve! After a Pokemon for a trainer has been donated, we won't accept another, sorry. It was very hard to make this decision, admittedly this is what delayed it this post, but we think this is the best way to approach this.
+Images should be of the Pokemon's basic form and only this form can be used masteries because evolutions are different Pokemon.
+We will only accept trainer-pokemon collecting! pokemon-pokemon collecting won't be allowed. This will be extended to all mascot decks, but if you want to discuss it, feel free to approach me about it!

Ready to donate? Fill this form and post it in a comment! Post a new comment for each single deck you donate, please! It will be easier for deckmakers to claim their decks that way :)

2 random cards for each deck. If a player maxes out deck donations for a month, he gets a love letter.

Thanks for your donations, they will be claimed and made as soon as possible!
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[personal profile] sujini 2013-09-09 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
Name: sujini
# of Decks Donated: 2
Character: Vato Falman
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Deck Name: memory
Explanation: He has a remarkable memory, able to store information without leaving any physical evidence.
Download Link: click!

(may I apologise in advance if the images are small and/or not that awesome quality. I cropped the small ones from big group shots. if the images are rejected, please let me know so that I may hunt for better ones :3)
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Thank you for your deck donation!