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suguro ([personal profile] suguro) wrote in [community profile] pairings_tcg 2013-07-28 01:18 pm (UTC)

Thanks for your concern! (:
Since the upcoming list is made by a mod that isn't a deckmaker, it's impossible for her to know all of the decknames that have been used... in fact, even I don't know all the decknames because we have over 1000 decks.
Usually, what is put on the upcoming list as deckname is what the player who donated the deck suggests despite the name being already taken. If the deckname is already taken, then the deckmaker picks a new one or asks the player another deckname suggestion.

I hope this clears up the fact that the decknames in the upcoming list are subject to change! Sorry but this isn't considered an error since we're somewhat aware of it. Thanks again for your concern, though!

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