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Gonna be a random list of some typos, nothing big. :3 Considering the list, I don't expect any sort of rewards, just looking through things with some extra time on my hands.

(I'm a grammer neat freak, I'm sorry in advance.)

((Also, these may be all fine, please feel free to disregard if they are))

On Shino's deck, the description should be 'resolve' not 'resolver'

(If we're going by sentences, then the 5 current decks for Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai need periods at the end of their sentences) - Also, additional ones include recite, pervert, flowers, exorcist, dragoon, dominion, redrose, cuarta, rikka, sexta, shirayuki, zangetsu, boots, clown, dreams, hammer, mugen, pleasure, hairdresser, mullet, bully, flirt, glasses, transfer, violent, armor, fire, ice, meteor, lancer, golden, onigiri, rat, fullmetal, jealous, hentai, kiheitai, space, incubus, lizard, oblige, passport, five, intense, advisor, bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocalist, dornkiste, shooter, righthand, shinai, tenth, tonfas, x-guns, darkness, emptiness, protecting, rainfell, tristesse, wind, fairy, valkyrie, fabulous, innocent, knitting, popular, soccer, second, kyrios, meister, taozi, amaterasu, clay, copycat, flash, foolish, habanero, ramen, timid, wolf-fang, messy, phobia, cook, firefist, hawk-eyes, hebihime, history, phoenix, strawhat, suna-suna, surgeon, swords, thief, axe, bento, boxing, council, fullmoon, hermes, silent, weapon, chariot, emperor, leader, lovers, magician, priestess, dash, don, serve, tarundoru, complex, firearms, kappa, monkey, monocle, priest, dragon, vengeance, warrior, platinum, bossun, delinquent, himeko, eldarian, kay, cancer, capricorn, heroine, pisces, aide, amnesic, bloody, colonel, bikini, gurren, kingkittan, lagann, naive, book, normal, weird, bunny, tiger, ginryuu, mage, curse, headphones, idol, piano, saxophone, viola, violin, vocals, guide, jr, photon, antagonists, chibi, childhood, kimono, manzai, megane, partners, twins

I believe in Black Rock Shooter's deck, that it's the Rock Cannon, not the rock Cannon.

In the 'rikka' deck, japanese should be capitalized.

In the 'knowledge' and 'sincerity' deck, crest, knowledge and sincerity should be capitalized (to be constant along with the other Digimon decks)

In the 'onigiri' deck, fruits basket should be capitalized as it's the name of the game.

In the 'fullmetal' deck, the title of fullmetal alchemist should be capitalized (cause it's his military title)

In the 'jealous' deck, human's should be changed to humans

In the 'kiheitai' deck, takasugi and kiheitai should be capitalized.

In the 'oblige' deck, the term should be 'noblesse oblige'

In the 'flames' deck, Axel's title is called 'Flurry of Dancing Flames'

In the 'nymph' deck, her title is 'the Savage Nymph'

In the 'copy' deck, it should be 'opponents'

In the 'second' deck, Deus's should be Deus'

In the 'taozi' deck, the term mobile suits should be capitalized

In the 'amaterasu' deck, amaterasu should be capitalized, as it's the name of his attack.

In the 'firefist' deck, the term 'fire fist' should be capitalized, as it's his official title.

In the 'weapon' deck, the term anti-shadow' should be capitalized.

In the 'magician' deck, the term 'magician' should be capitalized.

In the 'priestess' deck, the term 'priestess' should be capitalized.

In the 'money' deck, rish should be rich

In the 'archer' deck, it should read "Natalia is a trained archer and wields a bow in battle." (as an 'archer' is not a weapon itself, a bow is)

In the 'kingkittan' deck, king kittan should be capitalized, as it's the name of his mech.

In the 'tiger' deck, the sentence should read "He is the super hero known as Wild Tiger."

In the 'mage' deck, 'is' should be added before 'often'

In the 'megane' deck, the sentence should probably be 'Megane refers to a person who wears glasses'

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