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Sign Ups

Have you read the About page, Rules and other important information? Great! You are now ready to sign up on Pairings!

New players have to fill up a form to join, but don't sweat it, here are some pointers about the information required on the form:

Name: Please provide either your real name or a nickname, you'll be known in the game with this name! Please don't use duplicate names, if your name has been used, use a shorter version or a nickname.
Username: This can be either your dreamwidth account or livejournal account, as long as it is the account you'll use to reply to games or use services with.
Birthday: Provide the date and month of your birthday! you'll get presents in the release posted on your birthday month.
Card Post: A link to your card page. The actual post can be empty when you apply, but please provide an url.
Collecting: In this section you will list the name of two single decks as your starting double deck. You can only list regular decks for starter deck and please remember to use the actual deck name, not the character or series name. Additionally, we have different symbols to separe romantic pairings from non-romantic pairings, please use them when lisiting your starter deck! symbols: slash (/) will be used to mark romantic pairings and dash (-) will be used for non-romantic pairings.
Referral: Optional! If you found the game through another player, please put their names in this section. You can list as many people as you want, but only the first person mentioned will be rewarded!
Member Card Image: Please provide a link to the image you want for your member card. Both official art and fanart are allowed for member cards. Images must not have adult content (gore, nudity) and cannot exceed PG-13 for rating.
Color Border: Pick a desired color for your member card. If you don't specify one, the mod will pick a default color.

Here is the form, please fill it up and leave a comment with it!


When you sign up on Pairings, you receive 4 random cards for your starter deck (2 cards from each single deck). You also receive 6 random cards in your starter pack. After updating your card post and logs, you must leave a comment replying to the starter pack comment stating and leaving proof of your update. After the update has been confirmed by the mod, you receive 2 extra random cards as bonus and your member card!
Once you've received your starter pack and bonus, you are welcome to collect freebies from the latest update/release post and participate in games! Make sure to watch the community and the Trade Community, pairings_trade for trading offers from other players.

+ Members rejoining the TCG a second time (that is, after rejoining once and quitting/going into inactivity again) won't be able to get a new member card. They must choose one of their two previous member card as the new one.
+ If a player hasn't uploaded their starter pack on their card post after 3 weeks, they will be deleted from the members' list.

Thanks for joining Pairings TCG, I hope you enjoy your time here!
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Thanks! Updated my page Here and Log Here
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Great! Here is your starter pack bonus and member card: