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Feb. 17th, 2012 06:59 am
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Have you read the About page, Rules and other important information? Great! You are now ready to sign up on Pairings!
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Once you've received your starter pack and bonus, you are welcome to collect freebies from the latest update/release post and participate in games! Make sure to watch the community and the Trade Community, pairings_trade for trading offers from other players.

+ Members rejoining the TCG a second time (that is, after rejoining once and quitting/going into inactivity again) won't be able to get a new member card. They must choose one of their two previous member card as the new one.
+ If a player hasn't uploaded their starter pack on their card post after 3 weeks, they will be deleted from the members' list.

Thanks for joining Pairings TCG, I hope you enjoy your time here!